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Ticket fares are discounted fares already. The Discount may vary based on the actual result from Online booking System.

Business Car Tickets and Group Tickets are not available for travel between Nangang and Taipei, Nangang and Banqiao, and Taipei and Banqiao.

Click “ Train Numbers” for details about the train stops and each departure time. The time listed with the terminal station is showed as arrival time.

When the number of cars for non-reserved seat shows “3” , it means non-reserved seats are at Car 10 - 12, “4” means Car 9 - 12, “5” means Car 8 - 12, and “7” means Car 1 - 3 and 9 - 12.

Fares and Types

The System only provides Timetable and Fare Inquiries. Passengers who want to book tickets should use THSR Online Booking System.