Early Bird

  • The early bird discount of 35% off, 20% off, or 10% off are offered with limited quantity no later than 5~28 days before the departure date (including the departure date).
    The earlier the passengers book, the greater chance they enjoy the 35% off early bird discount. If tickets with an early bird discount of 35% off are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 20% off are offered. If 20% off tickets are sold out, then tickets with an early bird discount of 10% off are offered.
    • For example, if a passenger wishes to ride with THSR on 9/1, he or she has the chance to purchase a ticket at the early bird discount of 35 %, 20%, or 10% off from 8/5 to 8/28. Tickets purchased after 8/28 will return to their original prices.
  • Early bird discount applies to Reserved Standard Seats and adult tickets only (excluding business class, non-reserved seats, preferential tickets, group tickets and other promotion programs).
  • Early bird discount is available at all booking channels. For the convenience of passengers, it is recommended that tickets are purchased through the THSR online booking system, phone booking hotline, 「T Express」or THSR partnered convenience stores.
  • THSR’s online booking system, 「T Express」 and THSR partnered convenience stores also are able to search for trains with an early bird discount. Passengers are able to search for available trains with an early bird discount.
  • Seats with the early bird discount are allocated according to riding capacities of peak or off peak time. Each day, each train has different number of seats with early bird discount available. The early bird discount is not offered for some trains of super peak time. Some early bird tickets of peak time do not offer 35% off discount.Passengers may refer to the early bird timetable on THSR corporate website for details.
  • When passengers with early bird tickets are not able to catch their trains, they may take other available trains on the same day with THSR staff assistance. However, passengers shall make an insufficient payment of the original price.
  • Reserved seat tickets are valid for the designated date and train number. In the event that passengers require change their rides, the ticket price shall be re-calculated to the original price. The difference between the two will require make up of insufficient payment.
  • When purchasing multiple tickets in one order, customers can only enjoy early bird discounts when there are still available seats allocated.
  • If any changes or return of tickets with early bird discount within the discount period are applied, the original seats offered with early bird discount will be released to other passengers.
  • Changes in the discount rates, date, and other rules shall be subject to further announcement. THSR Corporation reserves the right to change or terminate this program.
    Unless it is regulated otherwise herein, the rest of operations shall abide by the regulations of the Passenger Transportation Contract and any relevant laws and rulings accordingly.