Multi-Ride Ticket


Latest News Releases

  • Extension of ticket validity period during 2020 Chinese New Year Holidays
    Multi-ride Ticket holder can travel in non-reserved seats during 2020 Chinese New Year Holidays (January 23 to January 29) . Should the validity period of Multi-ride Ticket overlaps with CNY holidays, the term will be automatically extended by the number of days affected.
  • From 2019/7/1, customer service hotline for Miaoli, Taitung, Kinmen, Mazu areas and mobile phone users has changed to 02-4066-3000.
  • With effective from September 1, 2017, the deadline for Multi-Ride Ticket registered cardholder to claim partial refund will change from within 2 years to 1 year after card expiry date.


  • Issuer:
    Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
  • Customer Service Hotline:
    4066-3000; for Miaoli, Taitung, Kinmen, Matsu areas and mobile phone users, please dial 02-4066-3000.
    * Please note that these numbers are not toll-free.
  • Website:


  • A Multi-Ride Ticket allows a specified number of rides to and from designated stations at a discounted rate within the offer validity period. THSRC Multi-ride Tickets are sold in the form of registered (name-bearing) contactless smart cards.
  • Multi-ride Tickets are not available for travel between Nangang and Taipei, Nangang and Banqiao, and Taipei and Banqiao.
  • Multi-Ride Ticket Offers:
    Offer Validity Period Rides Available Discount
    60 days 8 rides 8% off
    30 days 10 rides 18% off

    * The discount is calculated based on the full fares for Non-reserved Seats.

    • Holders of old Multi-ride Tickets valid for 8 rides within 45 days can still travel after 2019/3/15, with their rights and interests unchanged.
    • The old Multi-ride Ticket contactless smart card can be reused for the purchase of NEW Multi-ride Tickets valid for 8 rides within 60 days or 10 rides within 30 days. However, please seek renewal after the previous Multi-ride Ticket is fully used as smart card chips are unable to store Multi-ride Tickets with different plans or intervals.


    A Multi-Ride Ticket can be purchased at any THSR station ticket window and may only be used by the registered cardholder. A one-time nonrefundable card issuance fee of NT$100 must be paid upon initial purchase of a Multi-Ride Ticket. The purchase process is as follows:
    • Fill out the card application form, available at passenger service counter, or download and fill out the application form from the THSRC website and submit it to any THSR station ticket window.
    • One may approach the THSR stations him/herself, or authorize someone to purchase the Multi-Ride Ticket on his/her behalf. A valid identification document (with photo) and one 2-inch colored photo which was taken within six months of the intended cardholder is required for verification and card issuing purposes. If a photo cannot be provided, the intended cardholder must present himself/herself at the station and the THSRC staff will take a photo on spot (at no extra charge and no airbrushing, photo prints, file or re-make will be provided).
    • A Multi-Ride Ticket may be collected on spot after paying the Multi-Ride Ticket fare and a one-time nonrefundable card issuance fee of NT$100. Please fill in the registered cardholder’s name at the proper space if it cannot be printed on the card.
    The customer must present the original ticket in order to replenish the account balance. A replenished ticket may not be used until the original number of rides is used up or the original offer validity period has ended.
    • Once sold, a Multi-Ride Ticket cannot be modified. If a registered cardholder needs to make a modification, he/she shall follow the refund process and purchase a new Multi-Ride Ticket.
    • The registered cardholder may request for a partial refund at any THSR station ticket window within one years from the date of expiry. Except where otherwise stipulated, a refund shall be calculated based on the actual fare paid of the ticket minus the sum of number of ride(s) that have already been taken (defined as the full fare of a non-reserved seat on the purchasing date) and a NT$20 processing fee. If the final balance is negative, no refund shall be made.
    • The Multi-Ride Ticket cannot be returned and there is no refund on the card issuance fee.
    • In the event that a Multi-Ride Ticket is lost or stolen, the registered cardholder may approach a THSR station in person or call customer service hotline (Local 4066-3000) to report and have it suspended. The registered cardholder is advised to contact local police office to report the loss before processing the loss claim. In the event that a third party assumes the identity of the registered cardholder and uses the card after a loss has been reported, THSRC will bear the said risk of loss. Once a card has been reported lost or stolen, it will be permanently suspended and will not be reinstated under any circumstances.
    • After reporting the lost, the registered cardholder may choose either to receive a refund or to have a new card issued. If the registered cardholder opts for a refund, THSRC will calculate the refund based on the remaining balance of the Multi-Ride Ticket in accordance with Article III, Section 3 of which is regulated in the Guidelines. If the registered cardholder opts to have a new card issued, THSRC will issue a new card that includes the original remaining rides and offer validity period from the original card. However, the registered cardholder shall be required to pay for the new card issuance fee of NT$100.
    • If a registered cardholder possesses more than one Multi-Ride Ticket and is unable to provide definitive proof to THSRC to determine which Multi-Ride Ticket was lost, THSRC may refuse to process the reported loss.
    By presenting the Multi-Ride Ticket, one may use the ticket inquiry kiosk or approach the passenger service counter or the ticket window in any station to access their usage record in the past year. The Multi-Ride and Periodic Ticket Inquiry System on the THSRC website is also available for online query.


  • The offer validity period is calculated based on consecutive calendar days. A Multi-Ride Ticket is valid from the first day of use after purchase or renewal until the end of business hours on the date of expiry.
  • If THSRC announces the suspension of Multi-Ride Tickets due to passenger volume control for holidays or any other special situation, THSRC will extend the effective period of Multi-Ride Tickets by a number of days equal to the length of the suspension.
  • In the event that THSRC services are suspended due to a force majeure event lasting one (1) day or longer, the effective date of Multi-Ride Ticket shall be extended by the same number of days that the service was suspended.


  • The Multi-Ride Ticket is a contactless smart card. To use the card, simply place or swipe it above the designated sensor area at the ticket barrier. After the validity of the card is confirmed, the gate will open automatically. Each time the Multi-Ride Ticket is used to enter a gate, one usable ride will be deducted.
  • The Multi-Ride Ticket is restricted to the use of non-reserved seats only.
  • Travelling with a Multi-Ride Ticket must be completed within 3 hours and 30 minutes calculated by turnstile entry and exit time. If a passenger starts or ends a trip at a mid-way station, the unused portion of that particular ride shall be void and no refund shall be made.
  • Please ensure that your Multi-Ride Ticket remains in good condition; avoid smearing, folding, scratching, grinding, exposure to high temperatures, and twisting. In the event that a card is damaged and cannot be read, THSRC shall bar the customer from boarding and no refund shall be made.
  • During the ticket inspection process, If the registered cardholder’s name or photo on the card is discovered to be defaced and cannot be identified, passengers shall be requested to exchange for a new one at the station ticket window. Should the damage on the card is made deliberately, passengers will be charge with an additional card issuance fee of NT$100. Passengers who refuse to exchange for a new card must pay the fare payable plus an additional penalty in accordance with THSRC regulations on traveling without a valid ticket.
  • A Multi-Ride Ticket may only be used by the registered cardholder and may not be loaned, transferred, or otherwise provided for use by a third-party. If it is discovered that the user of a Multi-Ride Ticket is not the registered cardholder, the third-party must pay the full fare for traveling from the starting station to the destination station, plus an additional 50% on the fare for the section already travelled in accordance with THSRC regulations on traveling without a valid ticket. The Multi-Ride Ticket will also be immediately confiscated, and all associated losses shall be borne by the registered cardholder. However, if the registered cardholder can prove that he/she did not loan, transfer, or otherwise deliberately provide the ticket for use by the third-party, the Multi-Ride Ticket may be returned to the registered cardholder and the fare deducted upon entering the station for the trip in question will be refunded. The registered cardholder waives his/her right if the registered cardholder did not contact THSRC after the confiscation of the card, or the lost card is not collected within one year from the date of notice.
    The actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey refers to the average cost per ride of the Multi-Ride Ticket fare. The amount of refund will be rounded down to the nearest integer.
  • In the event of an interruption, delay of the operation or air conditioner failure on the train, and where the passenger is entitled to a refund as a result thereof, the registered cardholder shall receive a refund based on the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey according to the following regulations. To obtain a refund, the registered cardholder must present in person with the original card within one year of the affected ride at any THSR station ticket window. No service charge shall apply; however, refund requests made after the deadline shall not be accepted.

    In the event that train service is interrupted, the registered cardholder who suffered from such interruption may make requests to THSRC based on either of the following methods, and THSRC shall process such requests accordingly based on his/her intent.
    • Free transportation back to the origin station and refund of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey without service charge.
    • The foregoing registered cardholder may apply for refund of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey of the untaken section without service charge.
    When any train is delayed, the registered cardholder who stops the journey at the origin station after passed the ticket gate may apply for refund of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey without service charge. When the registered cardholder stops the journey at a station between the origin and the destination stations, he/she shall be refunded with the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey of the untaken section without service charge. When the train is delayed and arrives at the registered cardholder’s destination for thirty (30) minutes or more than the scheduled time, he/she may make request for refund or compensation based on the following rules:
    • When the delay is more than thirty (30) minutes but less than sixty (60) minutes and due to causes attributable to THSRC, the registered cardholder shall be refunded with 50% of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey. When the delay is more than sixty (60) minutes, the registered cardholder shall be refunded with the full actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey.
    • In the event of natural disasters, accidents or other force majeure events, the compensation shall be limited to the necessary expenses by the registered cardholder arising out of such delay.
    • When the delay is caused by reasons other than (a) and (b) above and the delay is more than thirty (30) minutes, the registered cardholder shall be refunded with 10% of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey.
    If the air conditioner of the car taken malfunctions, the registered cardholder who were affected may request 20% of the actual fare paid for one Multi-Ride Ticket journey as compensation.
  • If the registered cardholder’s trip is interrupted due to sickness or injury, the registered cardholder may request a refund of the untaken section within one year at any THSR station by presenting medical certificate.


  • The registered cardholder agrees to provide basic personal information to THSRC in order to enable THSRC to conduct services including, but not limited to, offering information services, statistical and market analysis.
  • In the event of a change in the information provided by the registered cardholder, he/she shall notify THSRC to update the information on file accordingly in order to safeguard the relevant rights and benefits of the registered cardholder. If the registered cardholder has changed the contact telephone number after filling out the application form and does not inform THSRC accordingly, THSRC shall continue to use the registered cardholder’s last registered contact telephone number as his/her contact information.
  • In order to protect the registered cardholder’s personal data and privacy, THSRC shall not provide, lend, or sell the registered cardholder’s personal information to any third party that is unrelated to the transaction or service, unless the registered cardholder agrees or if it is required by law, or THSRC believes in good faith that it is required under applicable law to disclose such information.
  • Certain personal information of the registered cardholder may be stored or printed on the Multi-Ride Ticket. Therefore, the registered cardholder shall keep the card secured at all times.


  • Each time the registered cardholder uses a Multi-Ride Ticket, the ticket barrier will display the offer validity period and the remaining number of available rides on the card. The registered cardholder can also use a station inquiry kiosk or the inquiry system on the THSRC website to access usage records.
  • All income received by THSRC from selling Multi-Ride Tickets are deposited into a special trust account at the Sunny Bank of Taiwan, where the said fund are exclusively used for the special purpose of the Multi-Ride Ticket program. The aforementioned "special purpose" means that the said fund may only be used to satisfy the service obligations of the Issuer.
  • If THSRC is subject to cessation of operations, close down, dissolution, reorganization, bankruptcy, revocation of registration, or any matter which may render THSRC unable to fulfill its carrier service obligations as confirmed by a court of law or deemed by the competent authority, the property of the abovementioned trust along with all beneficiary rights shall be transferred to Multi-Ride Ticket registered cardholders starting from the day on which the abovementioned situation(s) occur, and the trustee shall take charge of matters including liquidating and returning the remaining balance of the trust to the beneficiaries.


  • Any revision to these Guidelines shall be publicly announced by THSRC on the THSRC website and in all THSR stations. Such announcement shall include a summary of the revision(s) made, the relevant revised article(s), and the date of effectiveness.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all matters shall be handled in accordance with the Passenger Transportation Contract.


Station Nangang Taipei Banqiao Taoyuan Hsinchu Miaoli Taichung Changhua Yunlin Chiayi Tainan Zuoying
Nangang  -     -     -    1,555 2,620 3,810 5,945 6,885 7,705 8,895 11,025 12,135
Taipei  -     -     -    1,270 2,295 3,400 5,535 6,515 7,380 8,565 10,700 11,845
Banqiao  -     -     -    1,025 2,050 3,155 5,285 6,270 7,130 8,320 10,495 11,600
Taoyuan 1,395 1,140 920  -    1,025 2,210 4,260 5,285 6,190 7,295 9,430 10,575
Hsinchu 2,355 2,060 1,840 920  -    1,105 3,235 4,260 5,080 6,270 8,405 9,510
Miaoli 3,420 3,050 2,830 1,985 990  -    2,130 3,075 3,975 5,080 7,295 8,405
Taichung 5,335 4,965 4,745 3,825 2,905 1,910  -    1,025 1,800 2,990 5,165 6,270
Changhua 6,180 5,850 5,630 4,745 3,825 2,760 920  -    860 1,965 4,180 5,285
Yunlin 6,915 6,620 6,400 5,555 4,560 3,565 1,615 770  -    1,185 3,320 4,425
Chiayi 7,985 7,690 7,470 6,550 5,630 4,560 2,685 1,765 1,065  -    2,210 3,235
Tainan 9,895 9,600 9,420 8,460 7,540 6,550 4,635 3,750 2,980 1,985  -    1,105
Zuoying 10,890 10,635 10,410 9,490 8,535 7,540 5,630 4,745 3,970 2,905 990  -   
Multi-ride Ticket valid for 8 rides within 60 days | Multi-ride Ticket valid for 10 rides within 30 days
* The Multi-Ride Ticket is not available for travel between Nangang and Taipei, Nangang and Banqiao, Taipei and Banqiao.