Purchasing Ticket from T Express

Services Information

  • 24 hours.
  • Fares and Timetable Search
  • Checking reservation
  • Reservations, Payments, and Proof of Ticket Purchase or Refund
  • Itinerary Changes and Reduce the Number of Bookings
  • Canceling reservations.
  • Preset payment and Journey Alert
  • Setting of THSR Push Notification Service

Five Features

Reservation/Payment/Collection of the tickets can be completed with T Express 24 hours a day.

  • It provides services of purchasing tickets 24 hours a day. Regardless of where you are, you can easily use your smartphone to book, to pay for, and to get your tickets!

You can enjoy the convenient service of walking through the ticket gate with your smartphone directly.

  • The domestic railway transportation ticket electronic services originated with THSRC. You can directly pass through the clearance with QR Code built in the smartphone to enjoy the fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly travel experience!

Comprehensive ticketing functions improve the efficiency of a ride.

  • It is your portable THSR ticketing servicer that perfectly integrated the Company ticketing systems. Regardless of changing bookings before/after payment or canceling bookings after issuing tickets, you can easily control by yourself!

New payment mechanism protects the security of interaction.

  • THSRC created the mobile payment Apps of T Express with partnering banks to provide passengers with the multiple transaction security mechanisms.

Passengers are satisfied with various thoughtful services of T Express

  • It provides you with many thoughtful services including booking tickets, saving payment records, offering reminder services and THSR Push Notification services, changing the itinerary, searching for tickets prices and timetable and so on. Each function is designed for passengers and it will bring you a joyful using experience!


  • QR Code tickets can be collected only on the Adult Ticket and the Child Ticket, which is reserved with the single booking.
  • QR Code tickets are limited to use on the mobile phone which is used to collect tickets. Do not use the captured picture or QR Code or transfer it to other cell phones.

Ticketing and Notice

Period opens for booking

The system provides reservation for the train which departure date is no more than 28 days later. Nevertheless, on the travel day, the on-line reservation is only applicable to the train which departure time is no less than 5 minutes before train departure. The period open for booking is subject to change by notice.

Types and Numbers

  • The service provides reservations of reserved seats, including Adult Tickets, Child Tickets, Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets.
  • A maximum of 10 tickets permitted for each booking, for return tickets, a maximum of 5 tickets can be booked at a time.
  • Note:
    • Senior Tickets or Disabled Tickets can be purchased only by the passengers having ID Cards of R.O. C..
    • Reservations of Group Tickets or Accessible Seats shall refer to the ticketing regulations.

Business Car Seats Modification Service

  • "Modify Seats" can only be used for Business Car passengers. For every reservation, it is allowed to select seat(s) once for every single trip. (If the reservation includes round-trip tickets, it is allowed to choose seats once for each trip.)
  • It is not allowed to change partial number of seats, and the seat(s) cannot be resumed to the original seat(s) after being changed.
  • This service is not applicable for the day of departure, or the number of available seats is less than the number of tickets required, or for the reservation which the ticket(s) has been issued.


  • Payment: After booking, please pay before the deadline for payment through this service or online booking system. Payments and collection of tickets can also be made at the THSR stations and our partnering convenience stores. Reservation will not be kept if passengers do not make payment before the deadline.
  • According to the operation systems, payment may be accepted as follows:
    • iPhone: VISA, MASTER CARD , and JCB.
    • Android: VISA, MASTER CARD , and JCB.
    • Windows Phone: VISA, MASTER CARD, and JCB.
  • Payment Terms:
    • For departure three days after booking, the payment should be made within three days of booking.
    • For departure within three days of booking, the latest payment should be done one day before departure.
    • For departure within 1 hour at the same-day booking, the payment should be done at least 30 minutes before departure.
    • For departure within 1 hour at same-day booking, the payment should be made immediately.
      Note: For departure within 30 minutes, a refund will not be accepted after the payment.

Notice of Collecting Tickets

  • T Express service only provide passengers to book Adult Tickets and Child Ticket for a single user. If your reservation contains Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets, or many Child Tickets, please collect tickets at the station ticket window or the partnering convenience stores.
  • When one reservation contains many Adult Tickets, passengers can provide tickets to others with the fraction function via smartphone. The smartphone which uses the fraction function will be made a priority ticket and all of the other tickets belong to the same reservation cannot select other approaches to collect ticket except for using the mobile phone. Be sure that all of the companions have smart phones and have installed "THSR T Express" already.
  • After collecting tickets, passengers can only use the same phone to open the tickets (including QR Code), and the ticket cannot be transferred to another phone. Please make sure the phone you may use when you pass through the ticket gate before collecting tickets.
  • Passengers who book tickets by the T Express Service want to collect tickets at the convenience stores or THSR Station ticket window, should show display ID numbers (Foreign passengers should use passport number)and the booking code.
  • Please take note of the passenger’s departure time and complete the ticket collection procedure in advance. If passengers are unable to collect the ticket on time and miss the originally booked train, no refunds will be given.
    Note: Please refer to the instructions if a passenger wants to collect tickets from our partnering convenience stores or the station ticket sale window.

Change of Booking

  • You can use the system or the Online Ticketing System to change the itinerary( Only changing outbound date and time) , reduce numbers of passengers and cancel bookings.
  • After issuing tickets, you may not change bookings through the system. If you need any assistance, please go to the THSR station ticket window personally.
  • If you want to change the itinerary or to reduce the numbers of passengers, please complete the procedures 30 minutes before the departure of the reserved train (round-trip ticket is according to the departure time of outbound).
  • Note: Please refer to the instruction of changing the booking via online booking system.

Cancellation of Booking

  • Passengers who have made payments via T Express System but have not collected the tickets can cancel the tickets via the T Express and Online Booking system to apply for the refund.
  • Tickets issued by the system can be canceled via the same system. If the outbound tickets have been used or have not been used but out of the refund period, then passengers cannot change itinerary or refund through smartphone-end. If you need any assistance, please take your smartphone to the THSR ticket windows.
  • If you want to refund or cancel bookings, please complete the procedures 30 minutes before the departure of the reserved train (round-trip ticket is according to the departure time of outbound).
  • Passengers who reserve ticket within one hour via T Express system should immediately make the payment after the booking is completed. For departure within 30 minutes, a refund will not be accepted after the payment.
  • Please take the smartphone which you once used for issuing tickets when you come to THSR stations for canceling bookings.
  • If the fraction tickets have been taken by other mobile phones, the refund can be applied by the mobile phone took the ticket itself. The other fraction tickets which have not been taken are limited to make the refund through the mobile phone that collected the tickets in the beginning. Ticket fares will be returned to the paying accounts.
  • When canceling an online payment, the surcharge will be deducted from the original sum and returned to the credit card owner’s account (except in exceptional circumstances).It takes 7-15 days to make the cancellation (exclude holidays and weekends).
    Note: Passengers who have collected ticket from our partnering convenience store, please refer to the website instructions to apply for the ticket refund.

Other Notices

  • Mobile Ticket is an unregistered card carrying a deposit value. If the mobile phone is lost or damaged so that the passenger cannot show the mobile ticket, recollection of tickets is not accepted. Passengers have to purchase new tickets.
  • Passengers have to show the mobile ticket when taking trains, checking tickets, or applying for the relevant ticketing. If the mobile phone is lost, damaged, or out of battery, so that the passenger cannot use the mobile phone to show the ticket, it will be regarded as not take valid tickets. For the protection of passenger rights, please keep your mobile ticket well and make sure that you have enough phone power before boarding.
  • When any train is delayed due to causes attributable to THSRC, passengers who have been affected by the delay with Tickets already purchased and choose to request for the refund, please keep the mobile ticket and take it to the station ticket window for assistance.
    Note: Please refer to the Q & A about T Express.

Proof of Ticket Purchase or Refund

Download the"T Express"speed booking and boarding application on your cellphone


You can download it from "iTunes" or "App Store" on your iPhone. Requires iOS 8.0 or higher


Download it from Android Market. Requires 5.0 and up.

Windows Phone

You can download it from Marketplace. Requires Windows Phone 8 or higher.