Taiwan High Speed Rail Exhibition Travel Package

Exhibition Travel Package

Nantou County Jiji Weir, Checheng Wood Exhibition Hall & Antique Assam Tea Farm 1 Day Tour

placePlace of departure: Taipei city
access_timeDay: 8 Hours
peopleMinimum purchasing individual: 2 Individuals
my_locationPlace / Time of Assembly: THSR Changhua Station at 09:30AM

Day 1

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Introduction to the Scenic Spots

Jiji Weir

As a water reservoir that spans across the Zhuoshui River, Jiji Weir is a project with a large construction scale and a very spectacular view. Located next to the Jiji Weir, Taiwan Water Museum is an exhibition venue with a wide array of multimedia and models put on display. As an exhibition venue that the general public can visit for free, Taiwan Water Museum also provide professional guide services so that visitors can get a better understanding of Zhuoshui River Drainage Basin, water diversion project and the water resource development in Taiwan!

Jiji Railway

If the passenger cannot ride local train 2711 Jiji/Checheng due to any reason, a shuttle bus service will be provided instead.

Nantou Checheng Wood Exhibition Hall

The museum displays the history of logging in the past, introduces various wood characteristics and applications, and also provides DIY courses so that the tourists are invited to take on a role as a little carpenter who creates the one and only woodwork on his/her own.

Lunch【Che Cheng Wooden Barrel Lunchbox】

※ While making your order, you may choose“local specialties”and pay for the meal at your own expense that it have upgraded to a wooden barrel lunchbox by adding an extra NT$150.

The Grove Taiwan

By providing well-cut wood material and DIY tutorial, the tourists are provided with a fun experience of making woodcrafts on their own while gaining a sense of achievement. Combining traditional craftsmanship with great leisure, the Grove is definitely a good place for everyone to visit.

Xiangshan Visitor Center

Designed by the Japanese architect Norihiko Dan, Xiangshan Visitor Center is an architecture with a simplistic design and a modern touch that is a must-visit for tourist who travels to Sun Moon Lake. Aside from providing a panoramic view of the Sun Moon Lake, Xiangshan Visitor Center also has a unique design and a large coverage that attract tourists from near and far, making it one of the must-see buildings for tourists who travel to Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake Bikeway

Spanning for about 2.5 kilometers from Shuishe to Shuishe Pier, Sun Moon Lake Bikeway is the only bikeway among the whole area that is partially constructed on the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. With a total length of 600 meters, Sun Moon Lake Bikeway has a flat terrain and a width of 3 meters that allow the whole family to enjoy the beautiful scenery while riding a bicycle along the Sun Moon Lake.

※ In 2012, Sun Moon Lake Bikeway is rated by CNN Travel as one of the top 10 most beautiful bikeways in the world.

Antique Assam Tea Farm

Located close to the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area of Yuchi Township of Nantou County, Antique Assam Tea Farm has an advantageous natural geological environment that nurtures Assam Black Tea with excellent quality. Formerly known as Yuchi Tea Factory of Taiwan Tea Corporation, Antique Assam Tea Farm has undergone a great transformation after 921 Earthquake - from a simple tea factory to a sightseeing tea factory that produces black tea, promotes organic agriculture, provides healthy diets and values environmental protection.

Taiwan Adventist College

First founded in Qizhang of Xidian District in 1951, the campus is planted with row upon row of tall trees, with fresh green tunnel and simplistic red-tiled buildings. Coupled with the blue sky and green land, the campus resembles a pure land that gives out an exotic farm atmosphere and glimmers silently under the sun. Tourists are more than welcomed to take a leisure walk or take some photos here at Taiwan Adventist College.

Relevant information

attach_moneyPrice: (with insurance coverage)
NT$1,770 for each person
assignment_turned_inInclusive: THSR Round Trip Ticket + Transportation Fare + Ticket to Adventist College + Lunch + Bike Rental For Sun Moon Lake Bikeway + Train Ticket From Jiji to Checheng + Guide Service

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