Material Information

Board meeting resolved to approve the change of accounting officer


  1. 1.Type of personnel changed (please enter: spokesperson, acting spokesperson, important personnel(CEO, COO, CMO,CSO, etc.),financial officer, accounting officer, research and development officer, or internal audit officer): Accounting Officer
  2. 2.Date of occurrence of the change: 2017/09/14
  3. 3.Name, title, and resume of the replaced person: Li-Feng Lai, AVP of Accounting Department.
  4. 4.Name, title, and resume of the replacement: Hsin-Wei New, VP of Finance Division, will be acting as the Accounting Officer temporary.
  5. 5.Type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “position adjustment”, “dismissal”, “retirement”, “death” or “new replacement” ): Position Adjustment
  6. 6.Reason for the change: Business Purpose
  7. 7.Effective date: 2017/09/15
  8. 8.Any other matters that need to be specified: The new Accounting Officer will be announced as the successor is identified.


The Company to attend "Credit Suisse 18th Annual Asian Technology Conference"


  1. 1.Date of the investor conference: 2017/09/08
  2. 2.Time of the investor conference:  9:00 a.m.(Taiwan Time)
  3. 3.Location of the investor conference:  Grand Hyatt Taipei
  4. 4.Brief information disclosed in the investor conference:  The Company will attend ” Credit Suisse 18th Annual Asian Technology Conference” to give investors the company’s operational performance and the prospects for the future.
  5. 5.The presentation of the investor conference release:  Please refer to MOPS or THSRC’s website for the conference presentation material.
  6. 6.Will the presentation be released in the Company’s website:
  7. 7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None. 


Taiwan High Speed Rail announces distribution of the 2016 Company’s cash dividend in 2017


  1. 1.Date of the resolution by the board of directors or shareholders’ meeting or decision by the Company:2017/07/13
  2. 2.Type of ex-rights or ex-dividend (please enter:“Ex-rights”,”Ex-dividend”, or ”Ex-rights and dividend”):Ex-dividend
  3. 3.Type and monetary amount of dividend distribution: Cash dividend NTD$3,376,975,835, each common share is entitled to receive NTD$0.6.
  4. 4.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) trading date:2017/08/01
  5. 5.Last date before book closure:2017/08/02
  6. 6.Book closure starting date:2017/08/03
  7. 7.Book closure ending date:2017/08/07
  8. 8.Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date:2017/08/07
  9. 9.Any other matters that need to be specified:
    • (1) The Company’s 2016 profit distribution has been approved at the 2017 annual shareholders’ meeting.

    • (2) Cash dividend for common shares is expected to be paid on 2017/08/24.